Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday in Newport

This Saturday in Newport, RI we stopped in Sheldon Fine Art, below are a few of my favorite pieces.

Wehrmann ~ Backlight

Rigby ~ Reliance and Constitution

Packard ~ A Pair

Kramer ~ A Million Dollar Breeze

Kramer ~ A Tracking Duel

Friday, February 28, 2014

Just Two Elephants

Lilly Pulitzer

Recently I have been shopping on One Kings Lane and found a white ceramic elephant that I thought would go perfect in my home.  They have so many unique home items it's hard not to find the perfect accessory for you interior design projects.


These are pretty blue and white.

Perfect for books or a plant.

The perfect all white ceramic elephant. This one is similar to the one I recently found in my travels.

Blue & White

Below are the ones I found on consignment.  What a great find!

All white consignment find!

I fell in love with this one elephant! I'm going to put this one in my entryway.  I am going to use the larger one for books by my chaise lounge.  Love them.
Two all white elephants.

The larger one I will use for a few books by my chaise lounges. I absolutely love them, what a great find!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gucci Love

Gucci Classic Black OnePiece Suit for Vacation!

I have a ton of swimsuits but I wanted something special for my vacation.  I'm loving this classic black one-piece by Gucci.  In my opinion nothing is as classic and sexy as a black one piece suit.  This is gorgeous!  I love the sheer jacket too.  It's perfection, but so is the model!

Gucci Love.
Way back in October I happened to be at the Apple Store in Greenwich picking up a new IPad. I spotted a women wearing a Gucci cross-body purse and fell in love with it! I thought to myself that would be the perfect purse for my trip to California. 

 When I got home I found it online. I discovered it was backordered until March 2014.  I clicked away at other styles and designs. I came across this one and fell in love!  The perfect shape, size and I loved the green and red strap!  Classic Gucci.

The most perfect bag for traveling!  Cross-body/Messenger.

I found this one at Neiman Marcus, clicked the link and sent it to my husbands email address.  I was trying to make Christmas shopping for me easy on him!  

He ordered it from Gucci online and it took a few months to get here.  Just in time for my trip, thank god. 

Brittany's Louis Vuitton Speedy

My daughters favorite purse LV Speedy.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Barbour His & Hers

William & Kate's Royal-Wedding Anniversary, First Year Photo.

The coolest jacket ever, a limited edition Barbour Wax Jacket worn by Steve McQueen.

Barbour Belted Moto jacket, Steve McQueen

Jason Statham in Barbour.

Did you know the zipper pull doubles as a bottle opener?!

Perfect for our glorious New England winters!

Barbour "Beadnell" Waxed Jacket.

Paired with Wellies, going for a ride?

Barbour ~ Gym then Starbucks! Why not.

Classic Princess Diana in Barbour.